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Hello. I'm Jamie. I love One Direction and writing. I make Au Memes, Imagines and One Shots. Send in any requests!

so, i’ve decided to come off my hiatus! come leave a meme request in my ask box and i’ll get to it right away!

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Anonymous asked: what were the plots you had in mind? ships?


Well, I have a couple of different plots in mind, which you’ll have to come off anon for.
As for ships and face claims, I’m willing to play Cher Lloyd, Cara Delevingne, Perrie Edwards, and Zoe Sugg. I’ll also play sub!Harry in a Larry ship.

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Would anyone be interested in doing a 1x1 roleplay with me? I have two different plots. Message me if you’re interested.

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Would anyone be interested in doing a 1x1 roleplay with me? I have two different plots. One Charry {Cher&Harry} and one Cher/Harry/Zayn. Message me if you’re interested.

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The Styles twins were having their annual Back-To-School party, which they had every September when their parents went away. Both boys were popular in with their own crowd and easily the most sought after boys in school. Harry, the eldest of the twins, had longer hair, tattoos, and an endless amount of band tee shirts, while Edward was the class president, and was accepted to every college he applied to. This year was their senior year, and their last back to school party they’d ever have. Kids poured into their large house, which was considered a small mansion. The two boys were split up, each going off with their own group. A few hours into the party, Harry noticed his cup was empty, so he left his crowded living room and made his way to the kitchen, to get a refill. He noticed that all of the liquor bottles were already empty and there was nothing left except kegs of beer. Harry never liked the taste of beer, and always preferred vodka. He knew that there was more vodka upstairs, in his parents liquor cabniet.

The boy made his way upstairs, his ears ringing at the lack of blasting music. As he walked through the hallways, he heard moans echoing from his parents room. One rule the boys had was that their parents room was off limits. Harry swiftly walked over, twisting the doorknob and opening the door. He was expecting to see two random kids fucking, or maybe his brother fucking some blonde. The image in front of him took Harry by shock; his brother being fucked by some college guy.

"What the fuck!?" Harry screamed, trying to process  what he was seeing.

"Shit." Edward mumbled, all color draining from his face.

Harry walked over to the two of them, and grabbed the guy who was on top of his brother. “You! Out!” Harry demanded, picking him up and throwing him out of the room, then throwing his clothes out two. The older twin shut the door and turned back to his brother, who now had his boxers on.

Edward looked to his brother, then back down at his feet, mumbling something that Harry didn’t hear.

"What?" Harry asked, taking a step closer, still mad.

"I’m gay." Edward admitted, looking up at his twin.

"No shit." Harry said, sarcastically. "Why the hell didn’t you tell me?" He said, yelling again.

"Because I knew you’d be mad." Edward said, sitting down on the bed, putting his head in his hands.

"You think I’m mad that you’re gay?" Harry questioned, moving closer to the bed. "I’m mad that you didn’t tell me. Seventeen years and you didn’t think to tell me?"

Edward looked down at his lap, feeling his eyes watering up. He took his glasses off, and wiped his eyes, trying not to cry.

Harry let out a sigh, knowing his brother was upset. “Listen, I’m sorry for yelling. Ed, you’re my brother. I don’t care if you’re straight, gay, or bisexual. I’m your older brother and that’s never going to change. And don’t worry about mom and dad, I’ll help you tell them.”

Edward looked up at Harry with puffy red eyes and smiled. “You’re only older by a three minutes, it doesn’t count.” He laughed.

"Sure it doesn’t." Harry smirked, putting an arm around his brother. "C’mon, let’s go find you a hunk." He joked.

"Oh god, Harry. Please, never say that again." Edward whined, getting up and putting his clothes back on.

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